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WTB® commercial condensing heat exchanger

The WTB® heat exchanger is compact resulting in a small footprint. It features a fully water cooled combustion chamber that requires no ceramic insulation. It has a modular design concept and available in capacities up to 350 kW.

The material used is aluminum which naturally generates a protective oxide coating leading to good anti-corrosion properties. Aluminum is a reliable material and has been used in the boiler market for over 35 years. It is available with CE approval as well as with ASME approval for the US.


  • Require no ceramic insulation
  • Competitive pricing through innovative casting technology
  • Only one cylindrical burner and one fan needed
  • Easy access on all sides for maintenance


  • Condensing floor standing boilers for central heating
  • Floor standing boilers for industrial heating

Aconit Burner

The WTB heat exchanger can be combined with an Aconit® burner. Aconit® burners are equipped with Bekaert's Bekinit® material. This is a knitted metal fiber, which has exceptional performance in flame stability and heat insulation.

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