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Alupower® ultra commercial condensing heat exchanger

Alupower® is revolutionary in terms of size and efficiency. Measuring approximately 25% smaller and weighting 60% lighter than cast iron boilers,
this commercial heat exchanger easily fits through doors and elevators and into narrow boiler rooms. Alupower® also needs fewer components compared  to cascaded systems with a similar output, resulting in lower installation and maintenance costs.

Alupower® is at least 10% more efficient than boilers with the same output, which leads to more optimal heat supply and lower expected-running-costs. 


  • Excellent performance / weight ratio
  • Compact size for easy installation and maintenance
  •  Exceptional efficiency
  • Small footprint


  • Condensing floor standing boilers for central heating
  • Floor standing boilers for industrial heating

Aconit Burner

The Alupower can be combined with an Aconit® burner.  Aconit® burners are equipped with Bekaert's Bekinit® material. This is a knitted metal fiber, which has exceptional performance in flame stability and heat insulation.

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