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Furipat refractory cylindrical premix

Bekaert is the inventor of the Furipat® technology. Furipat® is a refractory steel cylindrical premix gas burner.

It is specially designed for use in high efficiency/condensing residential applications. Furipat® is compatible with boilers with round combustion chambers.

It is a gas burner that can be made in a large variation of sizes, meeting any of your specific requirements. Choosing this type of burner ensures extremely low emission levels and a reliable performance over its lifetime.

The Furipat® has undergone stringent life testing and has proven itself for over 20 years in the field with more than 15 million gas burners installed.


  • Innovative construction for a longer product life
  • Higher efficiencies and reduces CO₂ emissions at the same time
  • Proven durability, reliability and a proven technology for over 20 years
  • Compatible with all gases of the first, second and third family


  • Wall hung condensing boilers
  • Floor standing boilers
  • Instantaneous water heater
  • Condensing air heaters
  • Gas fired heat pumps
  • Multiple industrial premix applications

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