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Furinit compact high modulation premix

Furinit® is the most compact, premix gas burner using specific shape features in combination with the Bekinit® material. It is especially designed for compact combustion chambers with limited space. 

Furinit® has a high modulation range up to 1:40 with a good modulation signal over the whole  range and high output levels up to 1 MW / 4,000 MBTU/h (bigger sizes available on request).

The knitted structure is based on ultra-thin, high temperature resistant stainless steel fibers. This creates an unique concept with exceptional specific loading, modulation and flame stability. Furinit® is applicable with all gas qualities and in combination with all types of combustion chambers, either flat or round. 

Our Burner solution offering


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Compact premix burner with a burning head


High modulation premix burner


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