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Efficiency and cost effectiveness

Every new burner design is made with one goal in mind: achieving the highest efficiency and cost effectiveness.  To make this possible Bekaert developed new and innovative technologies:

Low NOx Premix technology

Burners that use premix technology in combination with a condensing heat exchanger maximize the efficiency of the heat cell and limit their emission of NOx, CO and CO2. With the recent enforcement of new emission standards for gas boilers in Europe, the US and Asia, premix technology offers the perfect solution to manufacturers who need to conform to the new regulations. 

Combined with gas adaptive control electronics, Bekaert premix burners offer the highest efficiency at lowest emissions, support high modulation ranges and supply and innovative feature that provides a stable flame, even at very low outputs. 

Bekinit 3D metal fiber material

Bekinit® is an uniquely knitted 3D burner material made of refractory stainless steel fibers. This industry proven flexible medium can be used for both cylindrical and flat burner surfaces. It allows a reliable heat transfer, minimizes thermal stresses and allows for high modulation ranges. 


  • increased output at equal burner dimensions
  • high turn down ratios
  • extended lifetime
  • superior resistance to rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations


Innovative premix cylindrical or flat burner


Compact premix burner with a burning head


High modulation premix burner


Refractory cylindrical premix burner


Multi pattern cylindrical premix burner